Freedom? Week 4, August 9th to 15th 2021 inclusive

Monday, August 9th

Heard some upsetting news today about a former colleague who was involved in an accident in the torrential rain on Friday and had to wait hours for an ambulance to arrive – although, thankfully, she’s going to be OK.  The NHS is under a lot of pressure, with all the usual stuff, plus Covid, plus trying to catch up on everything that’s been postponed due to Covid.

There’s another variant around, the lambda, which seems to have originated in South America, but we’re not hearing much about it.

The Republic of Ireland’s going to start vaccinating 12-15 year olds this week.  Why aren’t we doing this?


Tuesday, August 10th

Over 75% of adults in the UK are now fully vaccinated.

A-level results came out today – with 44.8% of entries awarded A or A* grades!  That’s compared to 35.8%  last year, which in itself was bonkers compared to around 25% in 2019 … and around 18% in 2000.  Obviously none of this is the fault of the kids, who’ve had to work under horrendously difficult conditions, but it’s all a bit crazy.  And it means that nearly all university offers have been met, so universities are trying to persuade people to defer entry for a year, which a) is silly (what are they supposed to do instead, under the present circumstances?) and b) is stressing out kids due to do A-levels next year.  What a muddle.  But, when grades were downgraded last year, it caused an outcry.  It’s all such a shame – I would have been devastated if my A-level exams had been cancelled, and equally devastated to think that there was any sort of question mark over my grades.   But well done do all the kids.

According to Sky Sports, someone (who?) is going to do “random checks” at Premier League matches, to see if people have got either vaccination certificates or proof of negative test results.  Hang on.  Absolutely nothing has been said about either of these things being mandatory for people attending matches.  There’s also been some crap about keeping your distance from people who aren’t in your household/bubble.  How exactly are you meant to “keep your distance” from people in neighbouring seats?  And how do they think people are going to stand apart in the long queues for drinks and the toilets at half time?   I understand that there are concerns after a number of people tested positive after attending Euro 2020 matches at Wembley, but talk sense.

Today was a WFH day, so I went to Tesco a bit later, meaning that I didn’t get to the checkout before 8am and therefore didn’t have to do battle with the self service checkouts.


Wednesday, August 11th

Bleurgh.  Rafa’s pulled out of both Toronto and Cincy with the ongoing foot injury.  It’s not looking good for the US Open 😦 .

Not much going on Covid-wise, apart from some arguing over the stupid PCR test requirements for travel.  France and Germany are both stopping free testing, to try to push people into being vaccinated.


Thursday, August 12th

Now Canberra’s in lockdown.  Is anywhere in Australia not in lockdown?!   People wanting to visit family and friends in Australia and New Zealand, and people in Australia and New Zealand wanting to visit family and friends here, are getting quite despondent – I know people who’ve got baby/toddler grandchildren whom they’ve never met, or elderly relatives who are in poor health and whom they’re frightened they’ll never get to see again.

GCSE results came out today – two weeks earlier than usual.  Same story with grade inflation.  Last year, the grades were downgraded, people yelled and shrieked, and the grades were un-downgraded.  This year, they haven’t been downgraded, and people are yelling and shrieking about grade inflation.  Results in the North and Midlands seem to be some way below those in the South, which is worrying.

Infection rates are creeping up again, both locally and nationally.  And it has to be said that there’s an issue with seaside places – Blackpool’s now got the highest rate in the North West (although the highest rates overall are all in the east of the country), and Brighton, Bournemouth and Torbay have also got amongst the highest rates in the country.


Friday, August 13th

Friday 13th.  Infection rates are creeping up, deaths are not falling, and around 30% of young people haven’t been vaccinated.  None of this is very good.  TBH, though, Covid isn’t really being discussed that much.  There’s been a horrific shooting incident in Plymouth, and all hell’s breaking loose in Afghanistan.  And, on a different note, the Premier League season starts tonight.


Saturday, August 14th

Today was the day!!  The return to Old Trafford.

I’ve written about it here 

This is a BIG day.


Sunday, August 15th

Oh great 😦 .  My dad has tested positive for Covid.  He went on some golf trip, and has been coughing his head off ever since.  He insisted that he was fine, but Mum made him do a lateral flow test and it was positive.  Mum’s tested negative.  Thankfully, Dad is OK, apart from the awful cough, but he’s now going to have to self isolate for 10 days.  And he was in close contact with my uncle, who is a bit of a hypochondriac, on Saturday.  The main this is that he feels OK, but this is still a bit of a nightmare.  And I suppose you could say that I should self-isolate because I’ve seen him too, but the self-isolation rules will have changed by the time he’s had the PCR test and I haven’t got any symptoms … I’ll just try not to get too close to anyone for the next 10 days.  I had a blood donation appointment but have postponed it.

Flaming golf weekend!  He was with 11 other people – I hope they haven’t all got it.

Before all this happened, I’d had quite a nice day – I went to Haworth and East Riddlesden Hall, a trip which I didn’t do last year because East Riddlesden Hall stayed closed until this spring.



7 thoughts on “Freedom? Week 4, August 9th to 15th 2021 inclusive

  1. Yikes! I think you said before that he’s fully vaxxed? It’s crazy how easily Delta is spreading. And I’m worried about Lambda. The only thing I’ve heard is that it was detected in Japan in the weeks leading up to the Olympics and they kept that quiet so that there wouldn’t be another delay. Eek.

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    1. Yes, he’s fully vaccinated … and has passed it on to my mum and to my brother-in-law’s dad, both of whom are also fully vaccinated! Thankfully, none of them have got anything worse than a cough and feeling slightly under the weather, but it seems to be very easy to catch. We haven’t heard much about the lambda (I keep wanting to put “lambada)”, although there were rumours of it spreading in parts of South America.

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