Freedom? Week 3, August 2nd to 8th 2021 inclusive

Monday, August 2nd

Hooray, gold in the eventing, and two more silvers as well!

Some lovely scenes today, as families were reunited following to changes to quarantine rules for people coming from EU countries and the US.  There’s talk of more countries being moved to the green list, but you still need to have these bloody PCR tests and there’ve been some horror stories of people testing positive whilst abroad and then not being able to get home, being stuck in quarantine hotels abroad, paying a fortune and getting a load of hassle from their employers.  And there’s the risk of testing positive before you’ve even gone, and losing your holiday, your money and your time off work.  How long is this going to go on for?  I’ve lost two years’ travel already, which is a hell of a lot, and I really don’t want to lose any more, but how can you take those chances?

And the app’s to be “tweaked” so that it only pings people who’ve been in contact with an asymptomatic case within two days, not five.


Tuesday, August 3rd

And the medals keep coming!  Golds in the sailing for Stuart Bithell (who comes from Rochdale and learnt to sail on Hollingworth Lake) and Dylan Fletcher, and for Giles Scott.  Silvers in the men’s and women’s cycling this time – making Jason Kenny from Bolton Britain’s most decorated Olympian.  And more besides.  Great stuff!

I’ve not established my new routine yet.  I need a routine.  I am like Ma Ingalls, doing everything on a set day!  I should go back to going to the gym twice a week after work, but I can’t face it at the moment.  And last week I went to Tesco after work on Friday, like I used to pre-pandemic, but a) it was quite busy and b) some of the shelves were empty.  So today I went back to going on Tuesday morning, but I had to go very early so as to give myself time to get home, unpack the shopping and get to the office by 9 o’clock.  There were no proper tills open.  This sometimes happened pre-pandemic, if I was going early due to the French Open or Wimbledon, but they always used to open a till for me.  Today, they said that they couldn’t because there was no-one available.  The new scan tills were inexplicably cordoned off, so I had to put a whole weekly shop through one of the self service tills, dumping everything on top of other stuff so I didn’t “remove an item from the bagging area” and taking ages.  Bah!!  Also, because I’d had my breakfast so early, I was so hungry by dinnertime that I felt ill.


Also, seeing as it now looks highly unlikely that I’ll be going on a Christmas market trip abroad for the last week of November as planned, I’d bought a ticket for the rugby league World Cup final.  But it now looks almost certain that the rugby league World Cup will be postponed until 2022, as Australia and New Zealand have said they aren’t coming.  Great 😦 .  And I bet they now offer you the option of holding on to the ticket for next year, which I can’t really do when I don’t know the dates or what else might be on!


Wednesday August 4th

All 16 and 17 year olds are to be offered vaccines.  No decision yet on 12 to 15 year olds, but I can see that coming

Golds for Ben Maher in the showjumping and Hannah Mills and Eilidh McIntyre in the sailing today!  And medals in the boxing and skateboarding too.  We’re not having much luck in the athletics, though – a superb silver for Keely Hodgkinson from Atherton in the 800m yesterday, but Dina Asher Smith, Adam Gemili and Katarina Johnson Thompson have all had to pull out injured.

And I am not doing well with being trapped in the office, and am very glad that it’s only for 3 days a week at present.  It saps your physical and mental energy in a way that doing the same work at home just doesn’t.


Thursday, August 5th

France is back on the main amber list.  Germany, Austria, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Norway and Romania have been moved to the green list,  India, the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar have been moved from red to amber, and Mexico, Georgia, Reunion and Martinique have been moved from amber to red.   It’s good news about the green list, but you’ve still got to have these bloody tests, and there’s that fear that, however careful you’ve been, you could test positive before you go, when you’ve already paid for and planned the holiday and taken the time off work, or test positive whilst you’re there, and be stuck in an expensive quarantine hotel, getting grief from work.  And how are you even meant to get the PCR tests done when you’re trapped at work?!  I’m desperate to start travelling again, but I’m not really seeing a way forward ATM 😦 .

More medals!  Including gold for Matt Walls from Shaw in the cycling, and bronze for Holly Bradshaw from Chorley in the pole vault.  Well done, everyone!

Rafa won his comeback match, against Jack Sock in Washington, but was clearly and very worryingly still struggling with the foot injury :-(.

The rugby league World Cup’s officially been postponed.  Bah!

Off to have my hair cut and dyed now!


Friday, August 6th

The good news:
More medals for Team GB, including golds for Laura Kenny and Katie Archibald in the madison cycling, and for Kate French in the modern pentathlon.

The R number is probably now below 1.  There’s been no noticeable increase in infections since “Freedom Day”.

The bad news:
Rafa lost to Lloyd Harris.

We are being told that levels of the virus in people infected with the Delta variant despite being fully vaccinated are the same as those in people infected but unvaccinated, so they’re probably just as infectious as unvaccinated people.

Concerns are growing over the number of people, especially men, in the younger age groups who haven’t taken up the offer of a vaccine.


Saturday, August 7th

Hooray!   I actually went to a live professional football match today!   The Premier League starts back next week, but the lower leagues started today, and we went to Salford City v Orient.  1-1 draw.  It didn’t half feel good to be back at a live sports event.  (And it was so easy …. no messing about with these awful new digital tickets that both United and City have introduced.)  Please, please, don’t ever ban fans from football grounds again!

Another great day in Tokyo, including golds for Joe Choong in the modern pentathlon and Galal Yafai in the boxing!

But the weather is awful.  So sorry for people who’re on staycation.  I was going to go to Haworth tomorrow, but there’s a thunderstorm warning and I don’t desperately want to be driving across the moors in a thunderstorm … a bit *too* Wuthering Heights!


Sunday, August 8th

Hooray!   A 7th gold medal, a record 9th medal overall, for Jason Kenny from Farnworth.  Sir Jason Kenny and Dame Laura Kenny come New Year, surely?  Gold for Lauren Price in the boxing, too.  We finished with 65 medals, the same total as in 2012, and 4th in the medals table.  Well done to everyone – and thank you to Tokyo for putting on these Olympics under extremely difficult circumstances

The weather has been utterly vile today.  It wrecked the cricket, and meant that I did not go to Haworth.  Instead, I went to see Jungle Cruise at the Vue Printworks.   This was my first visit to the pictures since before the first lockdown.  I thought it might feel a bit weird, but, TBH, it didn’t feel weird at all.  A few people came in wearing masks, but I don’t think anyone kept them on.  It was early on a wet morning, so it wasn’t particularly busy and no-one had to sit next to anyone they weren’t with.  Maybe it would’ve felt different if the place’d been packed out.  I don’t know.  I don’t usually go to the pictures at busy times anyway.   I was a bit narked that they’d put the price up from £4.99 to £5.99, and then tried to make out that you’d still only pay £4.99 if you booked online.  No.  If you book online, you get charged a 79p booking fee.  OK, I understand that they need to try to recoup some of their losses, but at least be honest about it!  Anyway, the film was very good.

Infection rates locally are now below, around or only just above the national average, except in Salford which seems to be having a few issues but still isn’t that bad.  The highest rates now seem to be in Yorkshire.

And, needless to say, it is going to be sunny tomorrow!


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  1. I heard that most of Europe has banned unvaccinated Americans from traveling there, and Americans are losing their sh!t about it. I’m so sick of Americans thinking they’re the center of the universe, so it makes me laugh.

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