The coming of the vaccines

Lockdown 2 088

My mum and dad, both aged 75, have just been called to go for the first dose of their vaccinations at the local walk-in centre tomorrow.  Such a relief!  My uncle, who’s the same age but with a different GP surgery, had his first dose earlier in the week, and some friends who are either frontline healthcare workers or in the over 80s or 75-79 age groups, have also either been vaccinated or have got appointments to be vaccinated soon.

There’s a long, long road ahead.  So many lives have been lost.  Other people have been left with long-term health conditions.  The UK economy’s shrunk by 8.5% since February: a lot of businesses are, sadly, not coming back from this.

But I do feel a bit more hopeful today.  I’ve got some daffodils on the table – they’re from Marks & Spencer’s, and I think they’re probably from the Channel Islands, because they usually are at this time of year.  They make the front room smell of spring.  Will I be able to see my sister and brother-in-law and nephews over Easter? Will I be able to go to all, or any, of the lovely places I like to visit in daffodil/lambing season and bluebell season?  Hey, will I even be able to have my hair cut and dyed before it looks a complete and utter mess?!  Will we be able to go to any football matches this season?  Will the clay court season go ahead?  Er, that sounds really me-me-me, doesn’t it?  Sorry, it wasn’t really meant to!  But there does seem to be some light at the end of the tunnel today.

I’ve spent so much of my life reading about people who invented flying shuttles, spinning jennies, water frames, mules and cotton gins.  Today, I just want to read all about the people who’ve created the Covid vaccines.  They are the biggest heroes of our lifetime.

3 thoughts on “The coming of the vaccines

  1. Oh that’s wonderful news! Interesting that they’re getting called rather than having to sign up like the mass free-for-all we seem to have going on here, heh. My parents are in their early 60s so don’t qualify yet under the 65+ level, but then again, my mom refuses to get the vaccine anyway, along with most of the members of her extended family, sigh, so there’s that. But I hope my dad will be able to get in soon. He’ll likely qualify in the next tier.

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    1. Under the National Health Service, everyone is registered with a local doctor, so doctors’ surgeries are contacting their registered patients when it’s their turn. A few people have been hassling the doctors, but people have been asked not to do that because it ties up the phone lines!


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