Lockdown Week 11 – June 1st to 7th 2020, inclusive

Monday, June 1st

Mum is 75 today, and Dad is 75 tomorrow.  We arranged for afternoon tea to be delivered to them 🙂 .

I feel a bit peeved that, whilst I’m doing as asked and staying away from the Lakes, other people apparently aren’t, and that these include people who’ve dropped litter all over the place and parked badly.  I’d never do that.  I’m trying to find out if the hotel I booked in April is reopening in July or not, but they haven’t answered my e-mail.  I’d kind of like to wait until the boats are running again, but it’ll be busier by August … although it sounds as if it’s quite busy now!  I do wish that places would answer e-mails.

Primary schools were supposed to reopen today, but the ones here haven’t.  Loads of kids in the park!

I messaged my hairdresser to ask if they’d be reopening in July, and she said yes.  I’ve now messaged back to ask when they’ll be taking bookings.  No answer yet.  I don’t want to hassle her, but, if I don’t, other people will, and I don’t want to miss out!

Coronation Street‘s started filming again – hooray!

And such lovely pictures on TV of grandparents meeting their new grandchild for the first time, with the easing of lockdown rules.


Tuesday, June 2nd

Back in April, when we had no idea when hotels would reopen but things were getting booked up rapidly as people accepted that their holidays abroad weren’t going to happen, I provisionally booked the Lakes for a week in July and a week in August.  The hotel is hoping to reopen by then … but the July date’s probably too soon – especially as I might not even have been able to get my hair cut by then, and I do not want to go away looking and feeling such a mess – but the thought of another 2 1/2 months without a break is pretty miserable.  And, whichever week I go, it’ll probably rain.  And July’d be quieter.  I wish my hairdresser’d got back to me.  If I could get an appointment booked, I’d feel so much better.

Went into the office this morning, after I’d been to Tesco and M&S.  I think one boss has dimly grasped the fact that people are upset, although it still doesn’t seem to have occurred to him to send round an e-mail asking if everyone’s OK.

Still so hot and sunny!


Wednesday, June 3rd

The weather turned today – unfortunately, just on the day that Mum and Dad spent in London, being reunited with my sister and bro-in-law and the kids (whilst I was chained to the depressing office network).  I thought it was very noble of them to stay outside even when it rained!  I got drizzled on in the park, but it’s dry now, so I should be OK to eat my frozen yoghurt in the flower park.

It’s so hard to plan anything.  People want to plan holidays: you can’t just up and go.

Still over 300 deaths a day here, whilst Italy etc are down below 100.  This is just awful.


Thursday, June 4th

I’m very pleased to say that the frozen yoghurt shop’s doing so well with takeaways and deliveries that it’s now back to its normal opening hours, and all the staff are back from furlough!   In these difficult times, it’s so good to hear a success story.

Wearing face masks will be compulsory on public transport from June 15th.  And who’s going to enforce that?

The park was quite quiet today, but that could just have been because the weather wasn’t great.  The council have mown the grass.  OK, it needed doing, but it’s quite sad that all the wildflowers have gone 😦 .

And I am so desperate for a break.  Some friends working from home in jobs where they get treated decently and get a reasonable amount of annual leave have taken a week off just to recharge their batteries, but we get so little annual leave that I can’t do that.  I think July may be too early for the Lakes, even if hotels are open by then, but am hoping for August … but it seems a long way off.  With not getting my weekend in Grasmere in April, I haven’t been away since early December, and haven’t had a day off since New Year.  Normally, in June, I’m so wrapped up in tennis that I can cope with not having had a break for ages.  And I’d normally have had my weekend in Grasmere in April.

Oh well.  Roll on the restart of the football season!


Friday, June 5th

The official UK death toll passed 40,000 today.  In terms of deaths per head of population, we’re only slightly ahead of France, Spain and Italy, and that’s to be expected given our greater population density, but it’s very worrying that the daily figures are still so high, and also that the R number has apparently gone back above 1 here and in some other areas.

Atlas Bar says that, when it reopens, people are going to have to register on an app if they want to use the toilet.  Is this someone’s idea of a joke?!

On a happier note, I’ve got football fixtures on my calendar again!  4 matches in 12 days, which is an awful lot, especially with the players not at peak fitness, but it is what it is.  Bring It On!!

And the weather’s gone mad.  I got caught in two showers today, one on my way back from Sainsbury’s Local and one on my way back from the park.  Heavy rain’s forecast for early morning, but will hopefully have eased off before I go to Dunham Massey.

The police have shut down 35 knock-off clothing and electrical shops in Strangeways, for being open during lockdown.  They’ve been open all along!  Nearly 11 weeks.  Why wait until now?!


Saturday, June 6th

It was so lovely to be back at Dunham Massey!   It was a shame that we weren’t allowed into the gardens – the roses will all be out – but it was lovely to be walking round the deer park again.  I’ve missed the place.  Not as much as I’m missing the Lakes, but still.  There were some heavy showers, which were annoying, but it was a lovely morning.  Good to be back!

Annoyingly, it then threw it down, so my plans to see a) my cousin and b) Mum and Dad had to be shelved.  It cleared up later, but it was a bit late for visiting by then, although I did go to the park.  After I’d had my scone!

Tatton Park’s reopened as well!  I’ve booked that for next Sunday.  I was sort of leaving Sunday free in case the fruit farm’d opened by then, but a bird in the hand … .  It’s so much better now that places are open, even though it’s a bit of a pain having to decide and book in advance.  Life seems a lot less empty now.

This should have been French Open finals weekend.  Rafa told Roland Garros TV that he’s trying to focus on what he’s got, not what he’s missing.  I hope he really means that and isn’t just saying it, because it’s a lovely attitude to have.

Phone update this morning, which totally stressed me out, but thankfully only a small one!

Not very happy about these big protests about George Floyd’s murder.   What happened was appalling and we should all be speaking out about it, but it’s not the time for big gatherings.  The ones here were peaceful, but there was trouble in London.  None of the people who were shrieking that Dominic Cummings should have been crucified for driving from London to Durham, in his own car, not coming into contact with anyone outside his own family, have said one word about people breaking the rules to gather in their hundreds and thousands when gatherings of more than 6 are banned.  People are such hypocrites!

Sunday, June 7th

Stupid weather!   It’s nice and sunny now, at 7pm, but it was pouring down when I got to Lyme Park this morning, and only cleared up just as I was about to leave!  Oh well, I took my brolly, and still had a nice long walk.  I don’t see why they won’t let people into the gardens, and I’m not impressed that they haven’t opened the tearooms for takeaways, but it’s still good to be back!  It’s such a huge estate.  I don’t normally walk round that much of it, because I usually spend most of my time in the gardens.

Went to the park later.  Unbelievably, the stupid council have removed the bins from by the entrance/exit!  Like there’s not enough trouble with litter.  FFS.

In between the two walks, Mum and Dad came round, and we all sat in my garden for a while, which was lovely.  We are all desperate for haircuts, but thankfully OK otherwise!

And so ends yet another week of weirdness … .  I’d hoped to spend today watching Rafa winning La Tredecima.  The USTA are still hoping to play the US Open, but I can’t see how it can be done, with so many players from so many different countries.  I’d love to see some live tennis, but I just don’t think it can happen yet.


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